Success story of Muskan

Muskan is the daughter of Nagma Afreen a woman who lives Watgunge street, adjacent to the red light area.

Muskan’s mother is a house wife and her father (Izharul Haque) works in a leather godown.Muskan’s parents used to stay at Darbhanga, Bihar.Here, in Kolkata they are staying for the last 16 years adjacent to the red light area.The family income is Rs.3000.00/-per month.

Muskan,student of Badshah Khan is studying in class X.Earlier when she was not familiar with the computer,she used to see that her own brother can access the computer well and can do different works through computer.At that time she used to think that her own younger brother can access the computer so why not me?
One day, when she came to know that all her neighbors’ children came at Apne Aap to learn computer, she met one of Apne Aap’s staff and shared her dreamto learn computer.At that time, she was lacking of confidence to prove herself in her friend circle.But now after 5months of learning computer, she can easily access computer and can do painting, microsoft word, powerpoint.