Success story of Nargis

Nargis is from a poor family. She is attached with A2W2 from her childhood. Apneaap took care of her Education. At the same time She is taking her education, drawing and Computer.She is a good student.
Her mother (Hazra Bibi) is a house wife and her father (Sk.Jobbar) is a tailor and earns 2500.00 rupees per month.In search of job, they came here at Kolkata and are staying here at Kidderpore, Munshigunj for the last 12 years.
Nargis, student of Kabitirtha Vidyalaya is studying in class V.Earlier when she was in class III, she used to see all of her senior friends used to learn computer at Apne Aap. By seeing all her friends, she used to thought that she will also learn computer like her all friends.When she got promoted to class IV, she started to learn computer.
Now after one year of learning computer she can easily access powerpoint, moviemaker, Microsoft Word and had gained confidence and uses self motivation skills to upgrade her knowledge day by day. She even can now thinks to do a job related to computer. Her dream of getting a job can now be materialized as she has gained knowledge on computers.